The original sighting solution for the FN PS90 platform

The original MC-10-80 was a tritium illuminated optic specifically designed for the FN Herstal P90. Working with FN the MC-10-80 was designed to give the perfect optic height for the platform offering a great cheek weld. The sight was a unit power telescopic sight with a black graticule for day use with additional tritium for low light use.

The sight was designed to be used with both eyes open allowing the aiming to be instinctive and target acquisition instantaneous. Performance is fully retained in low light conditions with the tritium illumination allowing it to be compatible with NVG’s

The MC-10-80 offered as ruggedized solution as any optic in its class. The solid glass optic is potted into a black anodised aluminium housing designed as part of the weapon interfacing with it through two zeroing screws for elevation and windage. The sight withstood the NATO drop test by dropping the gun onto concrete, sight down, from 1.5 metres without damage to the sight.

The MC-10-80 Electronic

The original MC-10-80 has now been redesigned to the MC-10-80 Electronic designed specifically for the civilian PS90 platform. This sight now has no tritium this has been replaced with an integrated circuit board and electronics solely powered by 1 CR2032 battery. The sight has 8 intensity levels suitable for a range of different low light conditions with the complete reticule illuminated green. The reticule is the black ring so you will still have a reticule even with out a battery in day time conditions. The sight is housed in a black anodised aluminium body to offer a rugged optic.

We are now shipping direct to the US through our sister company Kingsview Optical for £395 each including shipping.

An independent review of the sight can be found here

Features and benefits

  • Black ring and spot for day use internal electronic illumination for low light use

  • User able to keep both eyes open when aiming.

  • Low profile with excellent cheek weld when used on the FN P90

  • Small and robust aluminium housing

  • No misting

  • Soild glass optic.

  • Manufactured in the UK


Sight Length (mm) 130
Sight Width (mm) 27
Sight Height (mm) 43
Sight Weight (g) 160
Optic Length (mm) 80
Optic Width (mm) 10
Optic Height (mm) 20
Field Of View (Mils) 60
Magnification 1x
Parallax neg
Graticule single