The LC30 Grenadier

The LC30 Grenadier uniquely positions itself as the solution between ladder and fire control systems.

The LC30 grenadier is a 40mm grenade launcher sight designed for the Rheinmetal Frag 92 H.E. explosive round. With in house development we can design to suit any weapon ballistic combination or low velocity grenade launcher. We recently had a requirement from a Police force for use with their launchers on operations. The reticule was designed from 10-150m with non lethal rounds using their own ballistic data.

The sight has a bore sight mark for ease of setup and from 50 to 350m at 25m intervals range marks that include rotational drift allowance. The onboard electronics illuminate the relevant ranges based on the angle of the weapon to improve first shot accuracy and to reduce training times.

The advantage of this system over grenade launcher sight mounts is there is no adjustment between shots needed. The entire range can be viewed through the optic and placed over the target at the relevant range.

The sight is powered using a SAFT 1/2 AA battery with a battery life at full intensity of 35 hours. It has 14 different brightness settings with the bottom 2 positions for NVG mode. Can be used day or night and is perfectly compatible for NVG operation.

Rubber hoods protect the optics and stop any forward signature. For NVG use the forward hood can be left on to ensure no forward signature.

Mounts are available for side or top mounting NATO accessory rail (STANAG 4694). This allows a range of different configurations to be employed for standalone or underbarrel grenade launchers. The mount gives zeroing in .5 mils clicks with 2 degrees of movement in the elevation and 4 degrees windage. When set the sight zeroing can then be locked to give an exceptional rigid setup that withstands the most demanding military use. The sight can be fitted to a range of launchers with the images showing it in use with the Madritsch ML40 launcher. It can be used with underbarrel launchers such as with the FN scar or m203 grenade launchers.

Features and benefits

  • Quicker target acquisition

  • Greater accuracy possible than with the open sight resulting in ammunition savings

  • Compatible with night vision goggles

  • Simple to use no special training required

  • Light weight compared to fire control systems

  • Can be attached to vertical or horizontal NATO accessory rail. (STANAG 4694)

  • A reliable, robust, sealed optical sight with no moving parts.

  • Requires very little maintenance

  • No misting

  • Manufactured in the UK


Sight Length (mm) 63
Sight Width (mm) 23
Sight Height (mm) 65
Sight Weight (g) 270
Maximum Range 350m
Battery CR2032
Aperture (mm) 30×10
Magnification 1x
Parallax neg


Gunner determines the range to the target, selects the range mark in the sight, overlays that mark on the target and fires. The sight has onboard electronics which will flash the illumination ranges if the weapon is not vertically aligned enabling the operator to produce more accurate shots.

The sight comes with the option of two mounts one for use at the side of the barrel and one for use on top dependent on your requirements.

The reticule has elevations at every 25 meters starting at 50m and finishing at 350m. The range marks have rotational drift allowance.