The LC30 Grenadier

The LC30 Grenadier uniquely positions itself as the solution between ladder and fire control systems. The optic has been designed for the Rheinmetal Frag 92 H.E. explosive round but can be made to suit any weapon ballistic combination or low velocity grenade launcher.

P90 Sight

The original MC-10-80 was a tritium illuminated optic specifically designed for the FN Herstal P90. Working with FN the MC-10-80 was designed to give the perfect optic height for the platform offering a great cheek weld.


Ring Sight™ LC-40-100-NVG-GSO is a solid glass reflex collimator sight with integral zeroing. It enables a helicopter gunner to aim at both ground and air targets by day and night with Night Vision Goggles (NVG).

LC-40-100 RNDTC

The LC-40-100 RN-DTC is currently in service with the Royal Navy. The sight is a unit power, solid glass, reflex collimator sight designed for the heavier direct fire small arms or cannons.

NLAW Reserve Sight

Ringsights has worked with Thales air defence and Saab providing the reserve optic for the NLAW launcher.