Ringsights Defence is a UK based company that has been manufacturing unit power solid glass optics since 1976. Originally it was started by Ray Budden (SPSO retd. – Royal Naval Scientific Service) and Fraser Scott (Brigadier retd. British Army) when they began to develop unit power sights. Over the years it has developed a range of sights for different calibers up to 40mm.

All Ring Sights are solid glass optics. Most are unit power i.e. no magnification. The military optics are all NVG compatible. They have no moving parts, no seals to leak, no internal misting up, no purging. Customised graticules can be manufactured dependent on the customers requirements. Capable of being adapted to fit various weapon systems. There are also lasers/illuminators and range finders designed for certain sights.

Where we are different

Ring Sights is interested in working with customers to design and manufacture custom sighting systems to meet specific needs. From low volume to mass market Ring sights would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Once our product is adopted we service the product for as long as our customer requires subject to UK legislation laws.

Due to Ring Sights long history partnered to Kingsview Opticals rapid production facility of optics and engineering. This means complete packages can be produced quickly and at competitive costs with the confidence we understand the military robust requirements.