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Aiming At A Million

"That low man seeks a little thing to do,

Sees it and does it.

This high man, with a great thing to pursue,

Dies ere he knows it.

That low man goes adding one to one,

His high man, aiming at a million,

Misses an unit"

A Grammarian's Funeral: Robert Browning


Contents of "Aiming At A Million"


Chapter 1 How it began
Chapter 2 Pure Collimators
Chapter 3 Reflex Collimators: the BSA RS1
Chapter 4 Reflex Collimators: RC-25 & RC-35
Chapter 5 Reflex Collimators: RC-12
Chapter 6 The Planar Doublet Reflector
Chapter 7 Solid Glass Sights: LC-7
Chapter 8 Solid Glass Sights: LC-14 & LC-9
Chapter 9 Solid Glass Sights: LC-40 & LC-31
Chapter 10 Solid Glass Sights: WC-30, XC-10 & YC-10
Chapter 11 Solid Glass Sights: HC-10 & HC-14
Chapter 12 Solid Glass Telescopic Sights
Chapter 13 What Now?


To read "Aiming At A Million" download the PDF

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To read an update of "Aiming At A Million" download the pdf

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