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The MC-10-80 is specifically designed for the FN Herstal P90. The sight is a unit power telescopic sight with a black graticule for day use and a open T for night use lit by a red tritium light source. Being NVG compatible it is ideally suited to 24 hour operations.
The sight is available for every type of rifle or carbine in service and can be fitted to standard Picatinny or STANAG mount.
Aiming is instinctive and target acquisition instantaneous. The P90 is fitted with an integral optical sight without magnification, for improved sighting and quicker acquisition of the target. Performance is fully retained in low light conditions.
In the P90 the solid glass optic is potted into a plastic housing designed as part of the weapon interfacing with it through two zeroing screws for elevation and windage. The sight withstands the NATO drop test by dropping the gun onto concrete, sight down, from 1.5 metres without damage to the sight.
The sight has a 10mm aperture and two graticule patterns. Small and large rings lit by light from the target for day use and, for low light, an open T lit by a red gtls enhanced by light from the sky. The open T can be used with the naked eye or for shooting with Night Vision Goggles.
The gtls can be replaced by an armourer when necessary, using a knife with advice from Ring Sights technical department. This is the only maintenance required.

Features + Benefits

  • Day and night use. Black Ring and spot for day use and a "open T" for night use.
  • NVG compatible.
  • User able to keep both eyes open when aiming.
  • Avaliable for every type of rifle.
  • Small and robust.
  • Can be fitted to Standard Picatinny or Stanag mount.
  • No misting.
  • Soild Glass optic.


Sight Length (mm)
Sight Width (mm)
Sight Height (mm)
Sight Weight (Kg)
Aperture (mm)
Optic Length (mm)
Optic Width (mm)
Optic Height (mm)
Field Of View (Mils)
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